Cloud Migration Services

Successful cloud migration requires careful planning, execution, and ongoing management.

Successful cloud migration requires careful planning, execution, and ongoing management. Many businesses turn to E3 Global for our experience in cloud migration services, we ensure a smooth and secure transition to the cloud, allowing our clients to fully realize the benefits of cloud computing.

Our professionals have the expertise required to help businesses transition their IT infrastructure, applications, and data from on-premises environments to cloud-based platforms.

Here's an overview of our cloud migration services

1. Assessment and Planning

– Cloud readiness assessment: Evaluating your existing infrastructure and determining which workloads are suitable for migration to the cloud.

– Strategy development: Creating a customized migration plan that aligns with your business goals and needs.

2. Migration Types

– Rehosting (lift and shift): Moving existing applications and data to the cloud without significant changes.

– Replatforming: Slight adjustments to applications to make them cloud-compatible.

– Refactoring (re-architecting): Completely redesigning applications to leverage cloud-native features.

– Rearchitecting: Building entirely new cloud-native applications.

3. Cloud Platform Selection

– Assisting in choosing the right cloud provider (e.g., AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) based on your specific requirements and constraints.

4. Data Migration

– Safely moving databases and data storage solutions to the cloud while ensuring data integrity and security.

5. Application Migration

– Transitioning your software applications, ensuring they work seamlessly in the cloud environment.

Additional Services we specialize include

1. Testing and Quality Assurance

2. Security and Compliance

3. Performance Optimization

4. Cost Optimization

5. Training and Support

6. Monitoring and Management

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